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Here is normally NO Organic produce at these Farmer’s Markets. These our local entrepreneurs that buy bulk commercial produce and resell it, or small farmers that use toxic chemicals in growing their produce. So the produce baskets you pick up are grown locally and are grown with Love and Organic fertilizers. Only the best for your Family!

The Environmental Protection Agency has a database of 86,153 TOXIC CHEMICALS. The only monitor for 90, which leaves 86,063 TOXIC CHEMICALS that they do NOT monitor – these have no “legal limits. That means the water that is used in farm produce production can be filled with many chemicals, which end up in your “Organic produce”. Here at HVO Farm we use filtered rain water, which is tested for any chemicals. We then double filter with commercial filters and then run the water through a top quality Ultra Violet (UV) System. This quality water is then used in our hybrid raised beds and our hydroponic growing beds.

We only use Organic Hydroponic Solutions and Organic slow-release fertilizer pellets. This is the Organic produce that our Families consume and the Organic produce that goes in our Organic Season Produce Baskets.
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Seasonal eating of produce is beneficial and is a sustainable way of adjusting your consumption of produce that has healthy advantages. This type of seasonal diet encourages you to only vegetables and fruits that are in season for your specific geographic area.

Produce that is “in season” is best if local and is fresher, more nutritious, and tastier, if it is consumed in season.
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HVO.Farm is organizing local Organic Farms to join us in distributing your organic produce, nuts, coffee, and related healthy products. 


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